Kjaro is 100% Made in Italy.

All the materials used to produce this product are durable and of a high quality, and much attention has been payed to details and manufacturing.

The Next Umbrella

Kjaro is waterproof, is wind-resistant, the frame is made out of aluminum and fiberglass and it is made in original and chic colors. But the real revolution is in the case. This is the first fill - empty drops case, this means that the case holds the water and it can be emptied at the owner’s convenience.

Wear as you like

You can wear your Kjaro just after its use; it's adaptable to every situation and style. Use the shoulder strap or hook it to your bag, briefcase or belt loop using the short strap, or just put it inside your backpack or car seat without dripping.

Easy to use and fold

Kjaro is very simple to open and use. Shake gently and close the wet umbrella, using the magnetic embracing stripe, insert the umbrella in the case and smoothly close the zip. Just remember that sometime you have to empty the 4 cl. water tank.

Self-draining and No-drip

Kjaro is the innovative umbrella equipped with the first fill - empty drops case. The canopy material is waterproof and drops run off quickly. Just a gentle shake and the case will do the rest, conveiying the water to the tank.

Fully Customizable

Choose your style: Black, Orange, Green, Blue, Grey or Red. We have six different colors for your cover, three colors for the handle and the\for the umbrella outer canopy.


12 inches
(310 mm)

2.64 inches
(67 mm)

248 g r= 8.7 oz – 118 gr = 4,2 oz

Outer Canopy Diameter:
38 in. - 96 cm

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